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Why Is Now The Time To Get A Reverse Mortgage

If you and your spouse are at least 62 years old, now may be the best time to consider a reverse mortgage. The fact is, no matter what is going on with interest rates or the markets, the perfect time to get a reverse mortgage is very specific to your personal situation.

Summer Youth and Autumn Yearning

We can’t turn back the hands of time, but we can take advantage of the opportunity to walk alongside a new generation, seeing what each season has to offer though a child’s eyes, again. Enjoy an employee’s story as she details embracing motherhood from summer to fall.

Grandpa’s Workshop: A Memoir

According to Oxford University, grandchildren are happier with the presence of grandparents. Often grandparents have more time than working parents to provide support and advice for children, especially those grandparents who are serving in any type of caregiving capacity.

Skin Cancer Causes & Factors

Every year in the United States, more cases of skin cancer are diagnosed than any other cancer combined. Unfortunately, you aren’t in the clear simply because you haven’t spent years in a tanning bad or laying in the sun. Here are 8 other potential causes and what you can do to reduce your risk.

Meet Samantha

It turns out that pets are good for our emotional and physical well-being. Subtle physical, social, and emotional benefits – including grief coping – may be the reasons why a person owns, loves, or spends time with an animal. Spring Cleans to Pay It Forward

This year at, we’re taking advantage of spring cleaning and using it to help those in need. By choosing to take inventory of everything you have in your closet, you may simplify you life while making a difference in someone else’s.

Should You Buy or Rent In Retirement

Deciding between home ownership and renting is pivotal for many retirees. To help make the best decision for you, consider the budget you have in regards to housing for retirement. With the help of our infographic, here’s how to figure out which makes the most sense.

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