Why a Reverse Mortgage Can Change Your Finances in Retirement

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Infographic, Retirement, Reverse Mortgages, Statistics

Are you worried about how your are going to manage your finances in retirement? According to the Huffington Post, “if you are like one-third of Americans, recent studies say you are ill prepared for retirement.” Gone are the days of being able to rely solely on Social Security payments, so we want to show you how a reverse mortgage can help you tap into home equity to supplement retirement income.

Infographic: Why a Reverse Mortgages Can Change Your Finances in Retirement

With many Americans financially unprepared for retirement, a reverse mortgage can help tap into home equity and change your finances in retirement.


It is important to realize that more traditional retirement income plans like Social Security payments are no longer the only options. Understanding all the choices available to you will help you plan for a successful and financially stable retirement.

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