Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has “Everything:” Blog Series Part 2

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                   Consider unique gift ideas for someone who has “everything”


Our last entry in this series explored health and safety gift ideas as well as gifts to help with communication needs. In this entry, we’ll look at gift ideas such as convenient items that will help your loved one with everyday tasks, support them in their hobbies and activities and help with entertainment and technology needs.




Numerous aids are available to help with a variety of everyday tasks, like cooking, shopping, laundry, personal care and more. These can make great gift ideas to enhance your older loved one’s independence.


Stair-climbing utility carts:


At a cost ranging from $45 to $60, utility carts, including models with seats, can make tasks like shopping or laundry more manageable. The carts have a stair-climbing feature so items like laundry or groceries don’t have to be carried by hand up and down stairs. Built-in seats give a place to rest while shopping or during other excursions.


Ergonomic kitchen gadgets:


Tools with large or easy grips can make kitchen tasks more manageable. Some examples include the OXO Kitchen Essentials Set ($40), rocking or T-knife ($6-$25) or a chopper ($20).


Electric can openers and jar openers:


Minimize the pain involved in turning manual can openers and gripping jars by giving electric models. Numerous electric can openers are available on the market starting at about $18. Electric jar openers ($18-$40) grip and open jars, which can be so helpful for individuals with mobility issues or arthritis.


Touch table lamps:


Make it easier for your loved one to turn on the lights with a touch lamp ($30 and up with a wide variety of styles available).


Electric toothbrush or shaver:


Dental care may be easier with electric toothbrushes ($24-$200 depending on model and features). Consider a rechargeable model, and include extra replacement brush heads. Personal care can be safer and more convenient with an electric shaver ($30-$300 depending on model and features).


Talking watches and clocks:


These devices announce the time, which can be helpful for individuals with vision impairments. Some models have alarms that can alert your loved one to tasks such as taking medication. Talking watches range in price from about $10-$70. Talking clocks are available from $10-$200 depending on style and features.


Home-cooked meals:


Give your friend or relative a supply of frozen, home-cooked meals to keep on hand. Package them in individual servings to make reheating easier. This is so much healthier than the frozen or canned meals from the grocery store that are highly processed and laden with sodium and chemicals. Commit to replenishing the supply each month.


Hobbies and Activities


Hobby basket:


If your loved one enjoys a hobby, pack a basket or gift bag with the supplies they may need. A scrapbooker might need scissors, paper, stickers and other items. A golfer might appreciate golfballs, tees, gloves and a hat. Someone who knits or crochets could use needles or hooks plus skeins of yarn.




The gardener in your life might like a garden seat kneeler ($20-$30) to ease knee or back pain while working in the yard. Consider a model that has tool pouches for extra convenience. A rolling garden cart with seat ($50) with a tool tray or basket could be another option. Add ergonomic garden tools and bionic work gloves to complete the gift.




Encourage loved ones to record memories and share their stories with a grandparent or memoir journal ($13-$30).


Entertainment and Technology


TV listening devices:


If your friend or relative has trouble hearing the TV or managing the volume, a listening device or system ($35 to $300) may help.


Large-button remote controls:


If your loved one has difficulty seeing the buttons on a remote control or finds them to be complicated, consider a remote with large buttons. A number of models are available from $10-$40 that offer different options.


Brain games:


Help your loved one improve and maintain cognition with brain-training games.


Online options: Several websites offer free or subscription brain games for cognitive improvement and maintenance. Here are a few examples:


NeuroNation: $11.20 per month for three months; $5.60 per month for 12 months; $290 for lifetime access.


Lumosity: $15 per month or lifetime membership of $300 with discounted monthly cost.


Brain Games: Available on AARP’s website free or with membership.


Print options: Pick up a few game books and add a supply of pens and pencils.






Word searches


Tickets for live theater or music performances:


Does your loved one enjoy music, theater or ballet? Consider purchasing tickets for an upcoming performance. Accompany your friend or relative to provide transportation and throw in a meal in a favorite restaurant.


Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV:


These subscription services provide access to movies and TV series without the high cost of cable or satellite.


Large-print books:


Prevent Blindness has an extensive list of companies and organizations that offer large-print and braille reading material.


Audio books:


Many resources are available for audiobooks at no cost and for purchase. Ask your loved one for favorite authors, titles, genres and interests. Load titles from a subscription service like Audiobooks on a tablet or e-Reader. Other resources include Audible, ScribD, Open Culture as well as bookstores and libraries.


Tablets and e-Readers:


An array of tablets and e-Readers are available on the market today with different features and varying price points. Costs may range from $49-$300 depending on manufacturer, model and features. Don’t assume your loved one can’t manage the technology of a tablet or e-Reader. Check out this list of best options for older adults. Print a set of step-by- step instructions with photos to help with technical issues.


Stay tuned for next our entry in our blog series on Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has “Everything” as we consider unique gift cards and photo gifts!


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