Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has “Everything:” Blog Series Part 3

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Quick Tips, Retirement

gift ideas

          Consider unique gift cards and photo gifts for your loved one.

So far, we’ve explored a number of different gift ideas across several categories in our series from health and safety to communication and from convenience to hobbies and entertainment. We continue today with unique gift card options as well as photo gifts.

Gift cards

A gift card can be a great option because it allows the recipient to choose services or items that best meet their needs and preferences. While gift cards for restaurants, movies or the grocery store might be the go-to choices, consider some options that go beyond the norm.


Pets bring joy into an older adult’s life. They provide companionship and an outlet for the older adult to demonstrate caring. Support the pet in your older adult’s life with gift cards for veterinary services, grooming or pet-supply stores. Contact your loved one’s vet or groomer for estimates of the costs of services so you can plan your gift card accordingly. A gift card for a pet-supply store can help your friend or relative purchase food and other items.

Personal care:

A gift card for salon or barber services can help your loved one with haircuts, color, styling, nail care and more. Check with the salon or barber for the costs of services so your gift card will cover them.

Car washes and oil changes:

Your loved may not be driving as much as he or she did in the past, but the vehicle still needs maintenance and cleaning. A gift card for car washes and maintenance services can help keep the car in good repair.

Lawn maintenance/snow and ice removal:

For individuals who are living in their own homes, yard services, including snow and ice removal, can make a big difference for them. Companies that mow lawns in the spring and summer may do snow and ice removal in the winter. Contact a few for estimates of service costs to get the best bang for your gift card buck.

House cleaning:

Consider covering the cost of regular cleaning services a couple times per month or a few deep cleaning services during the year. Get an estimate of the costs before deciding on your gift amount.

Photo gifts

Rather than loose or framed photos, consider some of the following gift ideas to share your photos with older loved ones. These items are available through a number of vendors with varying costs based on size and style.

Photo calendar:

Choose the photos you want to include and design a calendar for your loved one to enjoy. Desktop versions start around $10, with costs of $25 and up for a wall calendar.

Photo blanket:

Add some extra warmth to your friend or relative’s life with a photo blanket. Blankets can be created with different fabrics and may include one or multiple photos. Costs range from $35-$90 depending on style and fabric.

Photo puzzles:

If your loved one enjoys jigsaw puzzles, a photo puzzle could be a fun gift. A puzzle will run from $35-$50 depending on size, number of pieces and manufacturer.

Photo storybook:

A great gift for anyone, but especially individuals with memory loss, a photo storybook can be a way to help your loved one talk about and reminisce about family members. Photo storybooks can be purchased from $20-$60 depending on the number of pages and size of book.

Digital and/or talking photo frame:

Your loved one might enjoy a digital photo frame that stores multiple photos and automatically scrolls through them for viewing. A talking photo album can allow messages to be recorded for repeated listening. Digital albums are available from $40-$200 depending on the size of the frame and the storage capacity.

Hopefully, our blog series has offered you some new ideas to expand your gift-giving options! Do you have other great gift ideas? Share them in the comments!

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