Spring Cleans to Pay It Forward

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Stories

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and the brown edges of winter are being dimmed by the first sprouts of green. With spring comes many things, including SPRING CLEANING!

This year at, we’re taking advantage of spring cleaning and using it to help those in need. Spring means the sweaters are pushed to the side to make room for lighter colors and cooler fabrics. This is the perfect time to take inventory of everything you have in your closet, and at, we’re donating everything we’re not using to Missouri Pay It Forward and the All Kids in Crisis Clothing Closet. Both organizations support adults and children who are transitioning away from homelessness or crisis situations.

Maybe your children have outgrown several items of clothing, or you have not worn that blouse in over a year? There is a child in need who would be over the moon to receive the clothes, and someone with a big job interview might really appreciate the blouse you never wear. As a matter of fact, that blouse might change someone’s life during a job interview.

Donating your gently used clothing is also a sustainable way to organize your life while helping others. It is hard to wear our favorite items when they are hidden between the shirt you’ve outgrown and the pants that are a size too big. Think of this year’s spring cleaning as a way to simplify your life while making a difference for someone else.

Although daunting, spring cleaning is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the changing season and the remainder of the year. Take time to schedule a day to tackle each room or closet, create an upbeat music playlist, and get started. Don’t think of the pile on your floor as the “toss” pile, but rather the “pay it forward” pile. This is also a great activity to involve your family in, as it is easier for a child to clean out their toybox or closet when they know the things they no longer wear or use will help a child in need.

Do you have items that are more than gently used? Holes? Stains? Put these items in a pile to donate to a textile recycling center. Ultimately, your closet will be clean and organized and you can feel great about making a difference in not only your life, but the life of someone who has fallen on hard times.

In addition to clothes, a lot of organizations will also accept gently used kitchen and household items. Everything matters when you are starting over.

Here’s to spring and spring cleaning! The boxes and bags you fill will aid in filling the hearts and homes of those in need.

Happy sorting!

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