Satisfy Your Desire To Travel In Retirement

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Traveling-it’s something we all look forward to when we have the time. Whether you are looking to escape and relax, or go on an active exploration, retirement can be the perfect time to start experiencing new places. There are different options for all ages and physical ability. Start by making a budget, then set travel priorities, decide where you want to go, and start booking your adventure.

Need a little help brainstorming the options the world has for you to experience? Check out these ideas to get your journey started!



Benefit: A laid back environment makes it easy to relax and rest.

Destination: The Caribbean

A quiet place near the beach makes a perfect place to enjoy your new found free time. Relax by the water, do a little golfing, or get lost in a good book on the porch. You’re guaranteed to return feeling refreshed.


Country of Love

Benefit: Perfect getaway for two in a romantic setting.

Destination: Paris, France

Paris, being considered the “City of Love and Lights” is sure to give a spark to any relationship. Take a walking or bus tour to see all it has to offer, or venture over to the Louvre, one of the world’s largest museums. No matter what you decide, don’t forget to stop by the Eiffel Tower and take in its great history

If you want a more extended trip, look into day trips and explorations to various destinations surrounding Paris. Once in Europe, it is easy to travel to neighboring countries and experience a wide range of culture.



Benefit: All inclusive options make it easy to stick to a budget.

Destination: Alaskan Cruise

It’s no secret that cruise options have ample opportunities to either relax or stay active. All inclusive packages ensure you get what you want out of your vacation without unexpected high expenses over your set budget.

An Alaskan cruise is a slightly different twist to the popular tropical cruise. Summer in Alaska has perfect weather and lots of wildlife to appreciate- not to mention the panoramic view of massive ice glacier fields that is sure to take your breath away.


Family Friendly

Benefit: Spend quality time with loved ones.

Destination: Walt Disney World

Spending more time with children and grandchildren is a common priority for many retirees. Travel with the ones who mean the most to you to make your vacation extra special. Walt Disney World has attractions for all ages and can keep everyone entertained in the same environment. Transportation and accommodations are a breeze for getting around an often busy park. Look into the options available to you before ruling it out as a great experience for the whole family.


Giving Back

Benefit: Active seniors can put efforts into giving back while experiencing the world

Destination: Unlimited Opportunities

If giving back has ever been of interest to you, or you are looking for a meaningful way to spend some time abroad, there are plenty of places that give you the privilege to do so.  From working with children in Peru to teaching English to peers in China, the opportunites are endless. Figure out what you are good at, how much effort you would be willing to devote, and where your efforts would be needed. Look into options online and get started. Senior citizens globally are continuing to make a difference through their retirement.


Have you taken your own senior friendly vacation? Tell us all about it in a comment below!

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